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The Best Gym Socks That Stay Dry and Smell-Free

The Best Gym Socks That Stay Dry and Smell-Free

Now that Covid vaccinations are in full swing, more and more businesses are getting excited about opening their doors to the public. Some of y'all have still been braving the gym, not letting a little mask keep you from your daily routine (kudos if that’s you!). Whether you have been going or not, 2021 has a shimmer of a fresh start, and a lot of folks will be looking for new gym gear. At swaggr, our specialty is gym socks, so we can help you in that department! Take a look below and on our website to see why swaggr can provide you with the BEST gym socks.

Our Gym Socks Cover Everything

Gym activities can be rough on your feet, so having ample support is key. If you’re a regular gym-goer, it’s super nice to have a trusty sock brand you can turn to that will cover all of your needs in the support and even the aesthetic department. These days, there are so many options out there, so the more benefits included the better. Here is what you get when you buy our gym socks:


  • Light & stretchy fabric. Even though they’re made from recycled plastic, our socks are extremely comfortable with a flexible fabric that hugs the ankle and a one size fits all fit.
  • Arch support. Though your shoes may give you some arch support, it can’t hurt to get some extra help from your socks. With extra cushioning in all of the right places, our gym socks keep your feet cozy and protected.
  • Moisture control. Moisture management fabric is essential for gym socks to control your sweat from building up and collecting in a tightly confined space. Keeping your feet dry will avoid bacteria from forming and skin irritation.
  • Seamless toe. It flat out sucks when the seam from your sock lands in a funny place, causing discomfort and possibly blisters to form. Sock seams are often located by the toes which can have painful results. You will find no seam on our swaggr socks!

  • Aesthetic

  • A variety of styles: choose from ankle, crew, and even knits for hiking!
  • Colors for every personality: we have whites, grey, & black for the simpler look and then more colorful options like pink, light blue, gold, and more!
  • Seasonal colors: keep an eye out for new colors here and there to keep things interesting.
  • Our logo is pretty cute: since our mission is to eliminate plastic waste going into the ocean and protect marine life, our sea lion logo is included on all of our socks!
  • Earth-friendly components: each pair contains at least 3 recycled plastic bottles.

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