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When plastic was invented, it was praised for its ability to “last a lifetime.” Well, in an ironic twist of fate, it does. It lasts a dozen lifetimes, actually -- even when you throw it out. Plastic has impacted practically every part of modern society and our world is drowning in it.

It is estimated that 100,000 marine animals die from plastic ingestion annually. And only 10% of plastic is ever recycled. However, although plastic bottles and straws make headlines, they are far from the only source of waste. “Fast fashion” is often cited as one of the biggest offenders after single-use plastics.

Our society has become reliant on polyester for performance apparel. It’s stretch and durability is essential to so many of our wardrobe staples. Can you imagine your bras, yoga pants, and underwear without it?

In fact, it’s those exact properties that makes polyester the perfect material for performance socks -- it’s stretchy, light and airy, naturally moisture resistant, durable, and gives us the ability to create a sock that fits perfectly on everyone’s feet.

We knew polyester would not be going anywhere but we also knew our sourcing of it could be adapted. And that is what inspired swaggr. Husband and wife team, Katy & David Katz, wanted to identify a way to create a comfortable, performance sock that not only avoids adding to this growing problem, but also helps to reverse it.

And along the way they wanted to solve some of the super annoying problems that frustrate us all about socks in the first place, including:

  • Toes poking through holes,
  • Annoying seams rubbing against your toes, and
  • Unpredictable fit that’s always either too small or too big.

“Sustainable performance ” means that swaggr socks:

    • Include 3+ recycled plastic bottles in every pair
    • have a mesh weave for maximum breathability
    • are incredibly stretchy (fitting a kid's size 2 shoe through a men's size 16), and
    • are expertly designed to stay in place like a magical hug for your foot.

We are tired of watching news stories about how having humans living on this planet is at the same time destroying the planet. We wanted to do something about it! In fact, sustainability is part of every single decision we make.

Yes, swaggr socks are made from up to 91% recycled plastic bottles. More than three bottles are used to make each pair. But we have always been the go-the-extra mile types so we didn’t want to stop there. The first question we ask in every decision we make is, “Is this sustainable?”

We are continuously learning and improving, but today our top sustainability initiatives are:

  • Manufacturing socks with 3+ recycled plastic bottles in every pair
  • Limiting the carbon footprint of our supply chain by sourcing everything from the U.S.
  • Utilizing recycled and compostable packaging and mailers
  • Donating 1% of our revenue to ocean conservation
  • Encouraging customers to send their old socks to us for recycling

We believe that we can all make a difference if we work together -- one step at a time.

Our Founders:

  • Katy, the dynamic marketing executive and creative mastermind behind the brand, spent the last 15 years building marketing strategies B2B and B2C companies through digital marketing agencies.
  • David, the finance/business guru and swaggr’s CEO and director of operations, has worn a lot of hats. From brokering investment banking deals, to selling carpet cleaning, he learned first-hand that he would only be happy working on something that made a difference.

Home Base: Boca Raton, FL -- We launched swaggr at the end of 2018 on Indiegogo where our backers helped us to achieve over 100% of our goal and gave us the ability to start rockin and rollin.

Inspiration: Both Katy and David were raised in environmentally conscious families. David’s dad owned multiple businesses in the recycling industry, and Katy’s family was always diligent about what they used and how it impacted the planet. Both of their upbringings, whether they knew it or not, laid the foundation for how swaggr came to be.

“swaggr is not just a product. It’s a way of life. It’s a demonstration of the understanding that how we live our life impacts how others are able to live theirs. It’s the recognition that thoughtful products can be made in sustainable ways, to leave room for a better future for the next generation. Buy the socks to treat your feet. Love them because they help to save the ocean. Wear with pride and walk with swaggr.”

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