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Zero Waste Companies That Are Making Waves

Zero Waste Companies That Are Making Waves

Zero waste living is a journey. If you have recently discovered some of the alarming statistics about the waste humans produce and what it's doing to the earth, it can feel *just a little bit* overwhelming to try and change your lifestyle.  Take your time, do your research, and go day by day. For those making their own individual efforts at home, while every little bit helps, it can become frustrating to watch wasteful neighbors and friends. Keep it up and don't get discouraged! People will continue to learn from you that it isn't as difficult to adjust your life to zero waste as it may seem.

One easy & truly impactful way that you and others can start on this journey is by supporting companies that are making a major difference on a larger level. What's so fricken GREAT is that there are many! Here are a few zero waste companies that are making some major waves.

Check Out These Zero Waste Heroes 

Learning about zero waste companies and how they do it is so dang inspiring. We love what these companies are doing and hope they will inspire you as well!

  • Texas Instruments. This is a hugely successful manufacturer in the industrial & automotive industries. We’d like to give a big *clap* to these folks for taking a look at how much waste their company produces and how they have reduced it. They actually have come up with their own sustainability policies to not only reduce but reuse their waste as well (yas, yas, yas). Some examples are:
    • Reusing materials such as metal in new ways across different industries.
    • Recycling all materials when they can’t be reused.
    • Developing and implementing ways to eliminate water waste policies to help reduce industrial waste.
  • Ethique.  We also have some pretty big heart eyes for these folks because they literally set the standard for makeup companies going zero waste. Once they realized how much plastic they were using in their packaging they came up with a way to wrap their beauty products sustainably. They also:
    • Use less water to manufacture their products.
    • Encourage their customers to avoid purchasing plastic bottles (CLAP).
    • Sell products that are 100% plastic-free.
  • swaggr. Hey, that’s us! Just in case you didn’t know, we also are greatly committed to the zero waste mission. We make extremely comfortable socks from recycled bottles, which are packaged in only sustainable materials. We also do what we can to spread the word about ways to eliminate harmful waste so our friends in the ocean can keep living long, healthy lives.

  • Own a Business? Start Your Zero Waste Efforts Today

    If you have a business, you have an incredible opportunity to treat the environment right. Not only will you feel better about not dumping out so much waste, but people will also be grateful for you too! Some basic ways to reduce your waste in the workplace are:

    • Implementing reusable options.
    • Labeling recycling and compost bins with easy to understand guidance.
    • Educating your employees on the disposal of waste and recycling.
    • Staying as paperless as possible.

    Would you like to learn more about zero waste, ways to get started, and how it's impacting our beautiful planet? We have a few more articles for you! Check 'em out here.

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