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Did you know socks can help prevent blisters?

Did you know socks can help prevent blisters?

We activity seekers understand how important the quality of equipment is that we use. Whether you love to hike, jog, or simply take long walks in your neighborhood,  you need the right support for your feet to maintain the enjoyment of that hobby.



Part of that means getting the right shoes, of course, as most people in their teens and older have figured out. However, many are still discovering that your socks can literally put a damper on your activities, resulting in sweaty feet and eventually blisters. It doesn’t just stop there though, there are many ways that socks can cause blisters, so it’s really important that you invest in the types that are specifically created with that awareness in mind.



What to Look for In a Sock



Socks built for proper foot support have special features included in their design to prevent that awful chafing that creates blisters. Really terrible socks will give you blisters just from walking around, so this applies to you even if you don’t engage in athletic activities. Therefore, to effectively keep the blisters at bay, make sure the socks you buy include the following:



Moisture-wicking. When your feet get sweaty, the skin softens and is more prone to blister formation. Sweat + friction is basically an open door to blisters, so fabric that absorbs moisture is key.



Foot-forming. Socks need to be contoured to form to your foot. This keeps them from bunching up in weird places and rubbing too much on a specific area as you walk around.



Padding. Socks can have too little padding and too much. Too little gives no cushion to protect your feet from hard surfaces, and too much can trap moisture and not leave enough breathing room. Look for medium thickness/light padding.



Snug fit. While the sock should be designed to form to your foot, it also needs to fit snugly. This keeps it from awkwardly slipping around, resulting in that unwanted friction and bunching.



Seamless toes. Keeping the seam away from the toes helps to prevent bunching and rubbing in the toe area, a common issue for runners & sporty types.



Arch support. Compression bands add arch support and help to improve the fit, which can also help to prevent plantar fasciitis.



Additionally, make sure to avoid cotton. Especially for hiking, cotton just sucks. This is because socks made out of cotton will get wet quickly, bunch up inside your shoe, and rub in all the wrong places. So, all of the things we previously mentioned cause blisters.



We Make the Socks You Need!



Yes, we not only know how to avoid blistering socks, but we also make them! So do not fret, you don’t have to go far to find athletic socks that will keep your feet safe from harm. We have a few different styles and a lot of colors to choose from: click here to take a look. A nice perk to go along with the support our socks provide is that we reuse plastic to make them! Learn more about that here. 

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