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Move Over M.K.: Here’s the Best Way to Fold Socks

Move Over M.K.: Here’s the Best Way to Fold Socks

Socks are definitely the most obnoxious article of clothing to keep track of if they aren’t folded together. It’s difficult enough to dig through an abyss of clean laundry to find matching pairs, so proceeding to just throw them into a drawer to get separated once again seems pretty close to the definition of madness. A lot of people wrap them into a ball, which totally helps, but how do you have room for all of your socks when they’re bunched up that way? Marie Kondo has become renowned for her crafty folding techniques, and tbh, we are pretty obsessed in our own household. Once you see how neat and accessible your clothing is when nicely folded you’ll never go back. The tricks we share today are not from MK, but we do thank her for the inspiration. Here are a couple of ways to keep your socks neatly folded, leaving room to spare for extra pairs in your suddenly seriously sorted sock drawer.



Neatly Folded swaggrs 



Since we have ankle socks and long crew socks we wanted to give you tips for both. The goal for folding socks is a flat and tight result so they don’t come undone, you can stack them nicely, and they don’t get wrinkled. 



Folding ankle socks:



  • Start by laying one sock flat with the heel facing up on a flat surface.
  • Lay the second sock directly on top of the first one the same way.
  • Take the cuff end (that normally hugs the ankle) of the socks and fold them down halfway, ending in the middle.
  • Grab the toe ends of the socks and fold up to the middle, tucking the toes into the cuff on top tightly.
  • Smooth and flatten.



For long socks, a great and popular method we like is folding them into a square shape. This results in a nice flat surface so you can stack them on top of each other and maximize your drawer space.



Folding long crew socks:



  • Start by laying one sock down on a flat surface.
  • Take the other sock and place it on top of the first so it forms a cross.
  • Bring the toe of the bottom sock over the top one, and then tuck it under the top sock.
  • Then, fold the top part of the bottom sock over both of the socks.
  • Fold the toe end of the top sock over both of the socks.
  • Take the top part of the top and fold it over the socks and tuck in the remaining parts of the sock.



Storing Your swaggrs

It’s up to you where you want to put them obviously, but we recommend having a drawer specifically for your socks. Laundry baskets work too, so grabbing your socks is quick and accessible. For an extra organized sock drawer, get yourself dividers or drawer organizers so you have compartments to keep your socks lined up neatly. Ready for more socks now that there is some extra space in your drawer? Get yourself some cushy swaggr socks here!

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