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The Best Hiking Socks Won’t Stink Up Your Backpack

The Best Hiking Socks Won’t Stink Up Your Backpack

If you are an avid hiker, you know that good footwear is essential. This doesn’t just stop at the shoes, the socks play a huge role as well. The way that your socks are engineered can give you great support and keep your feet from getting stinky. How, you say? It’s all in the structure and the fabric my friends. We at swaggr love fitness & exercise, and it has happened one too many times that a pair of sweaty socks has been left somewhere in a hot place where the smell loves to grow. Because that’s just like, you know, not fun, we have learned what it is needed to avoid that situation forever. Here is why our socks are great for supporting your hiking activities and won’t stink up your backpack.

Supporting Those Tootsies

The main areas to focus on when shopping for good hiking socks are the:

  • Fit – a sock that fits well keeps the blisters away.
  • Fabric – natural fibers such as cotton and wool have a lot of benefits but keeping odor away is not one of them.
  • Cushioning – for that beautiful cozy and soft feeling.
  • Height – tall socks protect against abrasion.

When considering fit and support, swaggr socks are structured with built-in arch support. The heel of the sock curves under and hugs your foot so the sock won’t slip around, and there is ample cushioning lined along the bottom. We have a couple of different fits to choose from, and our crew socks are the perfect height to provide you with the protection you need. All of that cushion and height may sound like it would make your feet sweat, and that’s exactly why we use moisture-resistant fabric.

The Smell Factor

When your feet get sweaty, that moisture can get trapped in your socks and start to turn into an unwanted cloud of stink. This is why more and more athletic folks are opting for moisture-resistant fabrics. We have you covered in this area as well because our socks are:

  • Moisture-resistant, which keeps the sweat away from your feet.
  • Breathable, allowing for better air circulation which will keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Made from a material (recycled plastic bottles) that naturally does not take on odor since it resists moisture and all of it’s corresponding unwanted hitchhikers.

Save Your Feet, Backpack & The Planet!

On top of all of those awesome things, swaggr socks are made from recycled plastic bottles to help minimize the excess of trash that’s being tossed in our oceans and consequently poisoning our beautiful earth. With 3 plastic bottles used in every pair, you may wonder how soft these socks could possibly be. Amazingly enough, we are able to shave down the plastic into such thin strands that it becomes a smooth and flexible yarn that has a silk-like texture. That yarn is turned into a pair of durable, planet-friendly socks that you can depend on for all of your athletic needs. Looking for more deets about any or all of what you just read? Check out our other articles here!

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