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The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Dry All Day (It’s the Socks!)

The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Dry All Day (It’s the Socks!)

So you’re having trouble with your feet getting super sweaty on a daily basis? Ugh, sorry! That is so uncomfortable. It is usually accompanied by a not-so-sexy odor as well, which is never attractive to the one you fancy. Friends and fam love to give you their lists of reasons and remedies for things like this. That’s awesome, but we wanna make sure you’ve got the facts for the best way to keep your feet dry. Some will say it’s what you’re eating, many will say it’s your shoes, but alas: it’s the socks! The great news is, there are socks made to cure your funky foot, and boy are they comfy.

How Socks Can Stop the Sweat

There are a few simple solutions in order for a sock to stop the sweat. The kind you’re looking for should:

  1. Be lightweight and keep your feet from overheating.
  2. Remove the moisture as soon as it starts.
  3. Prevent any uncomfortable rubbing so you don’t end up with sores and blisters.

So, how do you know if the socks you purchase are going to fit those criteria? The best way to keep your feet dry is if you buy socks with:

  • Fabric that is moisture wicking. This is very important and the first thing to look for if you’re having issues with sweat. Moisture wicking fabric wicks away excess sweat and water which will keep your feet dry and help to prevent blisters. If your sock drawer is currently filled with thick cotton or wool socks, it’s time to set those old timers aside.
  • A fit that is right and the seams land in the right spots. If the sock isn’t the right fit and the seams land in weird places, this can cause rubbing and turn into blisters. Just like your pair of walking, running, and work shoes, the fit makes a huge difference. 
  • A thickness that isn’t too thick. You’ll find that running socks come in all different levels of thickness. Thickness is appealing for support, but can be troublesome for a sweaty foot. If the fabric is thick, make sure it’s thick in the right places. Ideally the thickness should run along the footbed.
  • Arch support. Again, like your shoes, socks that provide arch support will make a world of difference for your comfort level. Added arch compression not only provides comfort, but it allows for better circulation and helps with swelling issues as well. This is extra important for athletic folks that like to go for long runs or hikes.

Benefits of swaggr Socks

These are all things we at swaggr considered when we began the plans for our soft and cozy fitness socks. And yes, many people find them ideal for running and working out because that’s the most common time for everyone’s feet to get sweaty. This doesn’t mean they can’t be worn all day every day though! Our socks fit all the criteria above and more with:

  • A stretchy fabric that molds comfortably to feet of all shapes and sizes.
  • Added arch support.
  • Seamless toes.
  • A design that curves along the heel and keeps it in place.
  • Moisture resistance and ventilation weave.
  • And 3 plastic bottles in every pair, saving the planet right along with your twinkle toes!

Can’t believe socks made from plastic are the best way to keep your feet dry? Our socks are not just comfortable and moisture wicking. They also promote a clothing industry that reuses instead of creating more plastic waste. The society we live in depends heavily on polyesters and other non-organic fibers. Our socks are proof that recycling plastic into clothes is comfy and functional too. Want to test them out for yourself? Learn more information about why you should not waste any more time just thinking about buying our socks and snag your own pair today!

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