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Zero Waste

The Zero Waste Movement: How You Can Make a Difference


The Zero Waste Movement is slowly spreading around the world, encouraging the human race to take a close look at how awful waste is for our planet and the different ways we can affect change. Unfortunately, this is a concern that can be added to the pile of things that some like to deem as…

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3 Zero Waste Companies We Have Mad Respect For

Zero Waste Companies and Products

Yayyyy! You’re trying to find more companies that don’t create earth-polluting waste. Props to you my friend. We just wanted to take a second and say: you’re great, here is a virtual, germ-free high-five and a hug. Thank you from the Earth. We interview her every day and can assure you she appreciates it. TBH,…

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Is Polyester Made From Recycled Plastic?


There are a lot of us who see the word ‘”polyester” on a clothing label and say “nope”! Understandably so and no judgment if that’s you. Virgin polyester is not sustainable and a non-green, energy-eating fabric. However, there is such a thing as recycled polyester which has created some confusion around the topic of polyester’s…

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The Secret to Going Zero Waste in the Real World

secret to going zero waste

Oh boy, you have finally realized just how much waste you’re producing and now you’re face palming your way through each day. It’s okay! Take a deep breath. And let us first say ‘thank you’ for caring. That’s the first step, and getting all up in your feelings is only going to cause you to…

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