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Reduce Plastic Use

Is Polyester Made From Recycled Plastic?


There are a lot of us who see the word ‘”polyester” on a clothing label and say “nope”! Understandably so and no judgment if that’s you. Virgin polyester is not sustainable and a non-green, energy-eating fabric. However, there is such a thing as recycled polyester which has created some confusion around the topic of polyester’s…

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5 Surprising Ways Plastic is Reused and Recycled

plastic recycling pellets for clothing

You have probably heard a thing or two about our increasing plastic problem. After all, almost every business in the US has a recycling bin right alongside their trash cans. But do you know just how bad it’s actually become?  We aren’t going to give you a lecture with every detail of Earth’s welts and…

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4 Devastating Facts About Plastic in the Ocean

facts about plastic in the ocean

Imagine taking a bath with the contents of your garbage can floating around in the water — OR — boiling your noodles with plastic particles floating around inside the pot. Just the thought makes you queasy.  We don’t live in the ocean, so we aren’t subjected to living amongst the trash that is collecting inside…

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My Top 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

When it comes to drinking water, I think there is pretty much one thing people can agree on. Water is good for the body, and everyone needs to drink it. Pretty simple. However, once you get a bit below the surface, there is a whole world of options to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of…

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5 Really Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use Today

Man is it inspiring to see how many people are making an effort to do right by the earth and the health of our environment. Just take a look around the stores you shop in. Companies are making it more and more possible to do right by this planet and the creatures that live on…

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