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Zero Waste Products You Probably Didn't Know About

Zero Waste Products You Probably Didn't Know About

It is simply glorious how many zero waste products there are on the market now! Sometimes trends can be really frustrating, but we can say with full confidence that we are completely in support of this one.

For those of you who are already privy to a lifestyle of minimal waste, you most likely have your trusty go-to products for your everyday needs. Still, it’s always fun to give new items a chance, and really important that we all continue to support small businesses that aim to support the zero waste movement. To help you keep things interesting and engaged in the cause, check out these 5 super cool zero waste products you probably didn’t know about!

New Ways to Practice Zero Waste

It’s not easy to find items that zero waste aficionados don’t know about or already have a solution for. Perhaps you have something like these items but haven’t tried this particular style yet. Whatever the case, these zero waste products are unique and exciting to try.

Guppyfriend Microwaste Washing Bag

Take your plastic elimination to the next level by focusing on microfiber pollution. Each day microfibers equal to the amount of 500,000 plastic bags are created by loads of laundry and threaten wildlife. Because so much of our clothing is made using plastic fibers, bits of that plastic could come off and collect in the wash. By using a washing bag like this one, you can capture those microfibers and stop the pollution.

All Good’s Zinc Sun Butter

Protect the environment and your skin at the same time with this zero waste sunscreen. This sunscreen is great because it’s not just free of plastic, it doesn’t have all of the poisonous chemicals in it like most of the ‘regular’ sunscreens you will find on the shelf at the store. 

Scoria’s Cork Yoga Mat

Hello, why are you stunting your zen with a yoga mat that contains chemicals?! Classic yoga mats are often made with materials that are harmful to the environment. This cork mat made by Scoria is composed of sustainably harvested cork, which is not only great for the planet but also helps strengthen your grip! 

swaggr Socks

Everyone needs socks. Though these ones are made from recycled plastic bottles, they’re super soft & stretchy. We can guarantee that the materials used to make them are planet safe because we make them! swaggr also uses only recyclable and compostable packaging to earth-consciously ship our socks to your door.

Zero Waste Home Book

This book by Bea Johnson is chock-full of zero waste tips & habits that will help you to continue to develop your own zero waste routine. She puts her ideas simply, making them easy to understand and implement in your own everyday life.

Watch for More Zero Waste Products From Us

We aim to continue to provide you with even more ways to minimize waste and plastic in your life. Keep an eye on our social media for updates and new zero waste products from us! Click here to learn more about our socks and what makes them amazing for the planet and your feet.

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