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Why the Type of Athletic Socks You Wear Matters

Why the Type of Athletic Socks You Wear Matters

Seasoned athletes have learned that clothing and equipment play a major role in comfort and effectiveness. If you’ve recently become more committed to athletic activity and have yet to learn why that is, trust us, it won’t take long! Even just wearing a pair of flimsy socks can give your feet a handful (or in this case foot-full, wink wink) of trouble! Sock technology has come leaps and bounds over the years to give runners, hikers, and sporty folks alike the support they need. Here is why the type of athletic socks you wear matters and how we can help.

What Good Socks Should Provide

It’s not just the shoes that matter, your socks play a major role in your athletic experience too! People will pay $100 plus on shoes that are engineered to provide support, but if the socks are cheap, it can completely negate the shoe’s effectiveness. Not just that, they can also do harm to your feet so you won’t want to move around at all. Here are the different things that make up a really good athletic sock:

  • Support for every part of the foot: Cushioning strategically placed in the right spots will provide foot and leg compression. This will protect your foot from the various ailments and discomfort that can come from a lack of support, like plantar fasciitis. 
  • Protection from pinching and chafing: The way a sock is engineered can either invite or prevent foot blisters. When you’re trying out brands of athletic socks, make sure your feet feel comfortable outside and inside of your shoes.
  • Warm and cozy feels: Really committed athletes don’t let cold weather deter them, and proper insulation will help keep those toes warm. Make sure, however, that the fabric is still breathable so your feet stay dry.
  • Moisture control: Whether it be sweat or you find yourself traipsing through muddy paths, moisture can really create a terrible environment for your feet. Find socks that use moisture management material to keep your feet dry and safe from irritation. This material will also keep bacteria from accumulating and your shoes and feet from getting smelly.
  • Conscious design: Performance for your feet - awesome. Performance for the planet, too? Even better! At swaggr, we choose to make sustainable socks from recycled materials so that your sock performance does not add to the planet's waste problem.

  • We Care About Your Feet!

    Alright, so where can you find these magical athletic socks? You don’t have to go far, we actually make them: woohoo! The swaggr family is made up of athletic folks who not only care about optimal foot support for athletes but also how our products impact the world itself. Here is what you get when you purchase a pair of our socks:

    • Extreme comfort with stretchy fabric, arch support, and extra cushion in all the right places.
    • A design that forms to your foot so the socks won’t slip around.
    • Moisture resistant properties and a seamless toe for blister and bacteria prevention.
    • Minimum of 3 recycled plastic bottles in every pair to promote the zero waste movement and a cleaner earth.

    Check out all of our athletic socks here!

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