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The Zero Waste Movement: How You Can Make a Difference

The Zero Waste Movement: How You Can Make a Difference

The Zero Waste Movement is slowly spreading around the world, encouraging the human race to take a close look at how awful waste is for our planet and the different ways we can affect change. Unfortunately, this is a concern that can be added to the pile of things that some like to deem as ‘myth’, along with all of the other scientifically proven issues that are bringing harm to our planet and its inhabitants (cough COVID-19 cough). 

It’s up to us, those that are paying attention, to keep the Movement alive and continue the spreading of awareness. The best way to do that is to keep learning as much as you can about minimizing the waste you produce on a daily basis and then sharing that knowledge with those you know.

Benefits of Zero Waste

To help you advocate to your friends, family, and other acquaintances about a zero-waste lifestyle, take a look at a few benefits the movement produces.

It’s good for the economy. The Zero Waste Movement has created many jobs and supports the economy through:

  • Collecting and handling of recyclable and compostable materials.
  • Reducing and reusing of materials for new purposes.
  • Keeping local money within communities by repurposing locally collected materials instead of needing to buy imported products.

It reduces our negative effects on the climate. The US EPA estimated that about 42% of all greenhouse gas emissions are due to the production and use of goods. Reducing and reusing waste helps to keep that energy conserved and minimizes the carbon we release as a result.

It helps communities stay healthy so they can thrive and prosper. Take a look at your local organizations that support the reduction and reuse of waste. They are helping your community survive and thrive by:

  • Distributing goods to those in need.
  • Building community gardens.
  • Providing tools and skills that build upon and protect the environment.
  • Reducing pollution in the air, water, and soil by keeping toxic waste out of the landfills.

Join The Movement 

How else can you make a difference? There are so many ways and every little bit helps. If everyone made active choices to reduce the waste they produce on a daily basis it would make a substantial impact, so spreading the word is key. In addition:

  • Follow blogs and companies that teach their readers about the zero-waste lifestyle. Share their posts on your social media platforms.
  • Add a new and simple change to your lifestyle every week that reduces the waste you produce.
  • Support companies and organizations that repurpose waste.

We are still learning how we can best contribute to this movement as well. Remember this is a process for us all, and we have a long way to go. Stay committed to your efforts and zero waste will hopefully continue to be worked into people’s daily lives more and more. To learn more about how we at swaggr are committed to the Zero Waste Movement, check us out here.

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