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Sustainable Workout Clothes for Summer

Sustainable Workout Clothes for Summer

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to start pulling out your extra hot weather exercise gear. Let’s be real, some of your workout stuff probably needs replacing. If you’re scanning the web for the best sustainable workout clothes for summer and feel like you’re getting buried in all of the good options, let us help you slim down your search. First, let’s start by making your summer 2021 workout clothes wishlist, and then we’ll take a look at some bangin’ eco-friendly brands we think you’ll dig!

Summer Workout Clothes Wishlist

If you’re a fitness guru you know that activewear has additional features that help support your comfort and abilities when at play. These special qualities show up in the breathability, stretchiness, structure, and overall fit of the item. Every time the seasons change it’s good to check what you have in your closet and see what you need to replace:

  • Ankle socks.
  • Lightweight shorts or leggings.
  • Sports bras.
  • Sleeveless or short sleeve shirts.
  • Shoes that provide ample support specific to your feet and gate.
  • Hats, headbands, or hair-ties to pull your hair out of your face.

Though you may already have most of these things, make sure they still fit comfortably so you’re not experiencing any discomfort during or after your workout or activity. Nobody wants to feel amazing after a good workout just to be out of commission for the next week with a big old blister on their toe. The fabric used also plays a major role, so make sure your fitness gear contains materials that are:

  • Moisture resistant.
  • Stretchy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfy.

Popular Workout Clothing Brands for Warm Weather

Never gotten so dang specific about the clothes you wear when you workout? Oh, it’s a whole thing, but not for nothing. Being mindful of the clothes you wear when working out protects and helps you, and if you shop sustainably, it also helps the planet. 

Here are some brands to check out for your earth-friendly exercise this summer:

Girlfriend Collective. An inclusive brand with a wide range of sizes and athletic clothes from recycled polyester.

Pact. This brand uses organic cotton to make a wide variety of clothing items (including exercise gear and home essentials).

swaggr. (That’s us if you didn’t know already) - we make extremely comfortable athletic socks from recycled plastic bottles!

Stay in the Loop

The best way to stay up on the best sustainable workout clothes to buy is by following your favorite brands online. Take a sec to look them up on your favorite social media outlet and give them a follow. Since we specialize in activewear, we are always posting about things like this! Follow swaggr and learn more about sustainable clothing, zero-waste living, and more.




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