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Sock Size vs Shoe Size: Not a Problem Anymore!

Sock Size vs Shoe Size: Not a Problem Anymore!

Weirdly enough, ‘what size socks do I wear’ is a frequently asked question amongst the general public. The sock size vs shoe size dilemma seems silly considering that everyone has a pretty solid understanding of what size shoes they wear.

But socks? Constant mind explosions. Do socks have sizes? Yes, many of them do, but they vary. This makes it pretty darn frustrating to figure out which size to get, and who tries on socks at the store? Gross.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be your constant struggle any longer because of a beautiful little thang called one size fits all. The first version of this dates back to the not-so-comfy tube sock designed specifically for an easy, flexible, and low-cost athletic sock option. Thankfully, since those were created in the sixties, we have learned a thing or two! Here is why one size fits all makes sock size not a problem anymore.

Benefits of Our One Size Fits All Socks

Sure, the benefits of a one size fits all sock may seem obvious to some, but many of you out there haven’t converted yet. There are a handful of really good reasons why we chose this route when designing our socks. So let’s go ahead and review:

No worries about your sock size. This is the main one and of course what brought you here. Besides the fact that you can’t try on socks at the store and it would be pretty weird to return socks after slipping your feet in them, it’s become more and more common for people to do their shopping online. Eliminate the worry that you will regret your purchase and end up with socks that don’t fit by opting for the secure one size fits all solution.

Guaranteed comfort and support in all the right places. Many people choose our socks for active wear because of their comfort and support, that isn’t the main reason we prioritized these elements though. We avoid putting seams at the toes and make sure that the design provides ample cushion and arch support so that, no matter who puts on the sock, it provides the same support across the board.

Share socks with the fam. Nothing wrong with throwing on your husband’s socks when you’ve run out of all of your own clean ones and need a pair that matches and will keep your toes cozy! We aren’t shy about that and you shouldn’t be either ;-).

If you grow, it’s ok. Buy your pre-teen a pack of one size fits all socks and don’t fret about the fact that they could grow out of them within a year. Can’t beat a money saver like that.

They come in a variety of styles. One size fits all doesn’t mean they have to be one style. We have styles for every occasion including:

They’re good for you, and the planet. Besides the fact that our socks are tailored to keep your feet protected and comfortable, they’re also built to protect the planet! Each pair is made from 3+ plastic bottles as a means to recycle one of the most common plastic items that pollutes our ocean.

Give Us a Try

Eliminate the frustration of figuring out your sock size vs shoe size by going with socks that fit everyone no matter the size of their foot. As you can see, that’s not the only reason we’re obsessed with our socks, and we know that once you try on a pair you will be too.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all of our styles today.

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