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My Top 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

My Top 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

When it comes to drinking water, I think there is pretty much one thing people can agree on. Water is good for the body, and everyone needs to drink it. Pretty simple. However, once you get a bit below the surface, there is a whole world of options to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of the choices people are making are actually helping to ruin the world...cough cough...plastic water bottles. And those choices hurt a lot.


In fact, Americans use 50 BILLION plastic water bottles each year! And, even worse, 91% of those plastics are not recycled. Fortunately, there are a ton of reusable options out there that you can take advantage of to cut down on all of this waste.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles for the Win

Although any reusable water bottle is good in our book, if we have to, here are our top-5 favorite eco-friendly water bottles, in no specific order (we love them all):


  1. Meshbottles

Say yes to the Mesh! Get it? I slipped in Mesh instead of Dress. Well, I thought it was clever. First of all, we love the mission - ”to create products that help reduce human and environmental exposure to plastics and metals through innovation and smart design.” On top of that, the water bottles clean easily, and it goes without saying, they last and can be used over and over and over, you get the point. Yes, they can break (as we have experienced), but…..the mesh sleeve that covers the glass keeps it insulated pretty well with minimal shards! Yay!


  1. Nalgene

Talk about old reliable. We love Nalgene. They have BPA -free water bottles for as little as $10. They are virtually indestructible (my friend ran his over and it still didn’t break!). They come in many different sizes, and tons of colors. Great for drinking by the campfire or for bringing to a game of pick-up basketball.


  1. Klean Kanteen

Something about family-owned businesses make us really excited and happy to support. Besides that, there is the fact that Klean Kanteen was the first to market with the stainless steel, BPA-free reusable water bottle in 2004. When an organization can pioneer a product that is in a huge market, it is very impressive. Not to mention, the product is amazing! They are a bit pricey, so if cost is a major factor, check out some of the others on our list.


  1. 4Ocean

There is no way we could make a list of our favorite reusable water bottles if we did not include this organization. Their focus, much like ours, is to reduce waste from the ocean. Their bottles, each bottle, removes 1 pound of trash from the oceans and coastline. Stainless steel with a rubberized top to keep liquid in is also very handy. On top of other products they sell, the value this organization provides is just so awesome.


  1. Camelbak Water Bottles

Awesome for sports, hiking, anything active, etc. They are durable, come in tons of colors and really cool designs. You can get the cool squeeze bottles to put on your bikes, the insulated bottles that keep your beverages hot and cold for long periods of time, and everything in between. It truly is your one stop shop for reusable water bottles. Even better, the pricing options are fantastic!

Any Choice Is A Good Choice

These are all great alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. But these are just my favorite. There are more awesome reusable water bottle options than we could ever cover in a single blog. They are all great -- but they are made greater by the people who use them and help to create a little less waste in this world. Hope you find the eco-friendly bottle that suits your needs! And remember to subscribe to our blog for more tips on how to live life with a little less waste.

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