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Is Polyester Made From Recycled Plastic?

Is Polyester Made From Recycled Plastic?

There are a lot of us who see the word ‘”polyester” on a clothing label and say “nope”! Understandably so and no judgment if that’s you. Virgin polyester is not sustainable and a non-green, energy-eating fabric. However, there is such a thing as recycled polyester which has created some confusion around the topic of polyester’s sustainability and we are here to set the story straight. Here is why recycled polyester is an eco-friendly alternative to the previous options.

The Difference Between Virgin & Recycled Polyester

It’s awesome that you’re paying attention to your fashion choices and their effect on the environment. Not all polyester has a negative impact on the planet, so make sure when you are reading those labels that you are looking for the word ‘recycled’ or something of the sort.

Virgin Polyester. ‘Polyester’ is made up of polymers produced by a mixture of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. In simpler terms, it’s a popularly used plastic for the creation of clothing, blankets, towels, and more. The original version and majority of polyesters are not biodegradable, meaning it will not decompose for 20-200 years. So yeah, this version of polyester pretty much sucks for the environment. 

Recycled Polyester. Many fashion industry manufacturers have been making considerable efforts to lessen their negative effects on the health of the environment and resources. Hence, the beautiful birth of recycled polyester. Big companies like Patagonia use this material, which is often made from recycled plastic bottles, to make jackets and other popularly worn basics. 

When you purchase items that are made of recycled plastic polyester, you are helping to minimize the overwhelming amount of waste and pollution occurring on our planet today — putting that plastic to a new use instead of letting it sit in a landfill. 

Our Socks Are Sustainable!

swaggr socks were created with the awareness of the effect plastic has had on modern society and the sustainability of life on earth. Each pair of socks is made up of at least 3 plastic bottles because it has been found that they are among the items that take the longest to break down. How comfortable could this fabric be? It is stretchy, soft, and incredibly sturdy! We also have built-in an extra layer of padding for extra support and cushiness. Order a pair today, help us clean up the oceans, and treat your feet at the same time.

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