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5 Things You Need to Know About the World’s Softest Socks

5 Things You Need to Know About the World’s Softest Socks

Yes, our socks are majorly soft and we are proud of it. In fact, they are so soft that many have told us that the rest of the socks in their drawer simply do not compare. This is not an accident folks. How comfortable your feet are can really make or break your day. Your body depends on the support given to your feet, and that’s why we put so much effort into getting the construction of these socks right. Furthermore, swaggr socks are not only the world’s softest socks, there is more to them than that.

Great For Your Feet & The Planet

The way our socks are built gives a clear picture of where our priorities lie here at swaggr. We like function, comfort, and sustainability. Here is how those 3 things are incorporated into our super-soft socks:

1. Cushioned Bottom with Arch Support

The extra padding along the bottom of our socks is a big reason they are so comfy. That cushion isn’t just for feeling good, it also helps support your feet when active. Thinner socks may result in your foot sliding around in your shoes which is where blisters can come from. Thicker socks help to absorb friction as you move around and to decrease possible pain of impact, which is especially helpful for long-distance runners.

2. Stretchy and Form-Fitting

Stretchy material allows a sock to mold to your foot and fit nicely in all of the right areas. This is another feature that helps with keeping the sock from slipping around, which can be very uncomfortable and a huge pain when running or moving quickly. Our socks also are specifically shaped to hug the heel, allowing the sock to grip your foot just where it should.

3. Seamless Toe

Everyone’s feet are different so it’s important that your socks don’t have any features that could land in funny places and create discomfort. When seams land in the toe area, this can lead to a multitude of uncomfortable situations, a few examples are:
Landing beneath your toes so you are standing on the hard seam resulting in soreness.
Blisters forming from the seam getting smooshed between your shoe and toes.
An uneven surface for your toes to land on.

4. Moisture Resistant

No one likes sweaty feet. They don’t just get smelly, they can also result in blisters and chafing. Our socks are made from material that automatically absorbs moisture, keeping the fabric soft and clean.

5. Made From Recycled Plastic

Each sock is made from recycled plastic bottles, minimizing waste in our oceans. The fabric that results from our recycling efforts is light and malleable, which helps us to create the soft and stretchy effect that makes these socks so great.

Treat Your Feet

A pair of good socks protect your feet and our brand also protects ocean-life! Get a pair today to see what all the rage is about. Look for more info on how we make our socks? Read all about it here!

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