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4 New Ways to Reduce Waste

4 New Ways to Reduce Waste

True zero-wasters have learned to be crafty and resourceful through years of serious commitment and trial & error. They also keep an eye on their favorite companies and influencers who might shed some light on new ways to reduce waste that they hadn’t thought of yet. If you’re just starting to get serious about the zero waste movement, or you’re looking for new ideas, we have tips!

Fresh Ideas for Reducing Waste 

Take reducing waste to the next level by going above and beyond the norm. It’s helpful to do some personal reflection on how you’re continuing to create waste in your day-to-day, keeping a journal for this is incredibly insightful. If you’re further along than the general public and aren’t worried about your own impact, there are ways you can help others get onboard, too! Here are a couple ideas for each scenario:

Personal Impact

  • Replace Beauty Products with Aloe Vera: All of our mom’s with green thumbs kept an aloe plant for sunburns, but did you know that it also works nicely for a face mask or scalp cleanser? Save your money and avoid waste by turning to a household PLANT for skincare. You can also make a nice healthy cup of tea with it. I mean.. can you say magic?
  • Switch Your Loofah Out with a Soap Saver: Many have swapped out soap products that come in plastic containers with soap bars, which is super great. Now, what about that plastic loofah? Plop your soap bar in a soap bag and you will not only get more uses out of your soap but also can get rid of that silly loofah as well!

Influencing Others

  • Give Away Items You Don’t Use Anymore: Whether you’re spring cleaning, getting ready to move, or need to make more space in your home, everyone gets rid of stuff here and there. Instead of throwing things in the trash or letting them collect dust in the basement, consider selling them or giving them to someone who would use them! That way they’re not unnecessarily going out and buying something new and you’re not creating waste.
  • Support Your Trusty Zero-Waste Businesses: Once you find zero-waste businesses that tickle your fancy, continue to support them by making regular purchases, sharing them with friends & family, and following their activity on social media. This doesn’t just ensure that they remain in business and will therefore keep their zero waste efforts alive and thriving, it also keeps you in the loop about the things you care about. 

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